Respect Wildlife

Respect our existence - keep your Distance

Sea otter photo by Jim Capwell

Keep wildlife undisturbed. Use binoculars or a zoom lens like the photo above. 

This endangered monk seal below is being disturbed by Mr. Inappropriate.


What's the Big Deal?

If an animal is reacting to you, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE!

It's a Big Deal because:

  • Frequent disturbance adversely affects marine wildlife when resting, feeding, breeding, molting, nesting, and rearing young.
  • Disturbance can cause separation of mothers and babies, contributing to illness or even death.
  • Repeated disturbance can cause abandonment of breeding or resting sites.
  • Wild animals are unpredictable and injuries to humans who get too close can be life-threatening. 

Learn More

Did you know there is a ton of solid science out there that describes the impacts of disturbing wildlife? Click on the link below for more details. 

The next best 13 seconds of your day

Check out the message from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students.

Take the Pledge

I pledge that I have read the Respect Wildlife Viewing Guidelines and promise to incorporate them into my routine and encourage others to do the same. I will proudly show my commitment to respecting their existence by keeping my distance.

Take The Pledge